Why Addiction Treatment Matters: Overcoming Addiction One Step at a Time

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Addiction – A Serious Problem, On the Rise

Addiction to opiates has risen dramatically in recent years, yet many people still believe that addiction is a choice. While refusing treatment may be the wrong path, addiction is a disease that requires specialized care in order to heal. From supervised detox in a facility for those actively addicted to substances, to long-term living in sober housing, overcoming addiction occurs one step at a time.

Supervised Detox is Essential to Safety

A person addicted to substances is safest when going to a supervised detox to withdraw from substances. While detox at home may be possible, this is never recommended. The withdrawal symptoms can go from annoying to life-threatening very quickly. A person who is going through detox at home alone may be at serious risk and unable to call for medical help. The first step in any strong recovery program is to go to a facility for supervised detox for a safe withdrawal period.

Short-Term Rehabilitation for Building on Sobriety

Once physical withdrawal is complete, most people move on to a short-term rehabilitation program to learn more about addiction. This is a time where the addict attends group meetings and works with a counselor to develop a treatment plan. It’s useful to pay attention in group meetings and get support from peers. This part of recovery may only last a few days, or a month, depending on the individual needing treatment. Some people choose to remain in residential care if they are newly sober and don’t have a strong support network at home.

Outpatient Rehabilitation While Living in the Community

Individuals who have a strong support network at home find that they are often successful in treatment on an outpatient basis. During the day they attend programs to learn more about addiction, triggers, and healing, at night they return home to their families. For those who have encountered a short relapse, this level of care is often appropriate. Those that are not ready to return to the community will continue on to a longer term living situation for those with addiction.

Sober Living Communities for Long-Term Treatment

In a sober living community, everyone that lives in the residence is working on their own sober journey. This is an environment where individuals find plenty of support from their peers, and each person living in the residence can focus on their recovery. Sober living communities gives addicts a chance to work on sobriety while also attempting to integrate into the community. For example, after living in a sober living community for a few weeks, residents begin working jobs in the community in order to pay rent to live there.

CBD as an Intervention for Addictive Behaviors

Much research is coming forward on using CBD oil to help with addiction, whether it is addiction to alcohol, opioids, food – the processes in the brain are the same. Using CBD may help make it easier for addicts to fight the urge to use.

CBD Oil from hemp is not psycho-active, so is not the same as CBD from cannabis, which would not be a good choice for an addict. There are some excellent options on the market that can be bought privately, online without a prescription. Be sure the CBD you purchase has only trace THC or zero THC.


Addiction recovery is possible, but it takes time and effort. Each day an individual is sober, is a day that they are not abusing their body further. While the process may seem long, taking each day one by one helps make it easier. For those struggling with addiction, it’s never too late to ask for help. Surround yourself with supportive people and consider using supportive non addicting herbal supplements like CBD oil.

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