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Best CBD Products for the Elderly

With the growing number of countries legitimizing the purchase and use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, new products are being introduced to fit the aging population’s needs. One product, which comes in different forms, is the cannabis-derived Cannabidiol (CBD), which can be taken in one or more ways, including oil, topical cream, tinctures, or edible. All can be taken without the fear of getting high, as CBD is the non-psychoactive part found in cannabis. The positive benefits of using CBD, especially for seniors, is welcoming.

For seniors, CBD is the long-awaited answer to chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Though more research is needed to be conducted to gauge all of CBD’s properties fully, scientists and customers alike have witnessed its benefits.

1.     Lazarus Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

Lazarus Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture is free of artificial ingredients or sweeteners. It contains 100% CBD and almost zero THC contents. It also includes coconut oil for better texture and health benefits. The oil controls inflammation, rashes, and scar when used to its great extent. What makes this oil beneficial is the CBD content, as 1 ml of oil comprises 50 mg Cannabidiol.

2.     Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is the impeccable online source for CBD for seniors. They comprise full-spectrum CBD, ginger, and turmeric, and have a slightly gingery-like flavor. Charlotte’s Web is certified by the US Hemp Authority and takes pride as “the world’s most trusted CBD extract”.

3.     Spruce Max Potency CBD Oil

Though Spruce Max Potency CBD Oil earned the 3rd spot because of its high potency and the ability to be customized according to your preferred dose. 1 ml of Spruce Max contains a dose of 80 mg full-spectrum oil. One can take a fourth of the dropper for an equal amount of 20mg, and you may increase your dosage depending on your needs and metabolism.

Spruce Max oil is flavorless, which many customers prefer so they can either eat or drink after using it without any aftertaste. Spruce uses only high-quality ingredients and makes their oil vegan, organic, and gluten-free without preservatives or artificial flavors.

4.     Huny B Heat Rub

Huny B combined essential oils into their CBD rub to add other health benefits, including antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties that treat numerous skin conditions. Dry skin is a real issue for seniors, so Huny B CBD is not only for chronic pain but a good fit for many seniors, as it also can moisturize and lessen the itchy scaly skin. The creams are not greasy and come in many varieties. They penetrate well in the skin work on inflammation and topical issues.

5.     Elixinol

Elixinol’s Good Night Capsules are composed of a blend of 15 mg of full-spectrum CBD and 2 milligrams of melatonin sourced from grapes and strawberries. The capsules are used to stimulate restful sleep. Elixinol is sourced from domestically-grown hemp and contains no synthetic colors, chemicals, or fragrances.

Elixinol offers high-quality CBD products that are certified by the US Hemp Authority. Seniors can choose from topicals to tinctures to fit their lifestyle. Each product has a certificate of analysis, and they offer free nationwide shipping.

6.     Kanibi

Kanibi is a brand dedicated to perfection in all of its products and using only the best procedures to give its customers a product that meets the highest standards.

There are five different flavor options, including Lemon Lime, Skittles, Choco Mint, Cinnamon, and Unflavored for those who prefer to add their CBD oil to food and drink after taste. Kanibi only uses natural flavors to create their collection, so there are no flavorings in their products.

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