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Best CBD – Know the Facts

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How Do You Find the BEST CBD Oil?

2018 has been an especially good year for cannabis products because authorities seem to be giving their nod of approval to marijuana companies and consumers are more educated than ever before, but a bit of knowledge to help find the best CBD is still needed. Of course we’re talking about cannabidiol (CBD) and the overwhelming number of benefits that it offers without intoxicating patients in the process. This is the main reason why the CBD market size is set to soar in the coming years with market analysts expecting the numbers to reach in excess of $2 billion.

With so many products springing up, the average consumer has no idea what exactly to look for when buying CBD products. Below are key things to look for when purchasing the BEST CBD oil:

1) Extraction tools

Not many consumers know about the different methods used to extract CBD from cannabis plants. Some companies are known to use cheap methods which involve using toxic solvents such as propane, butane and hexane found in petroleum to extract CBD. These companies try convincing consumers that the hydrocarbon approach really isn’t toxic to their health. This isn’t true and inhalation of hydrocarbon residues like butane can cause serious illnesses like cardiac and respiratory problems. This does not result in the best CBD.

Using the ethanol approach is touted as the optimal means of extracting CBD and even eliminates certain toxic residues in the raw plant material. Yet it has been shown that ethanol can destroy the plant’s waxes itself, leading to a less potent oil.

Experts swear by the supercritical extraction method. Manufacturers make use of high pressure carbondioxide and extremely low temperature to extract and preserve the purity of CBD oil. While this method is very expensive, it guarantees a high quality. C02 extraction produces the best CBD.

2) Where the CBD was sourced from

It is obvious that the quality of the CBD is only as good as the source where it was grown. Marijuana plants are known as hyper-accumulators because they easily absorb contaminants from the environment and the soil as they grow. This makes it all the more important to ensure that the environment is free of toxic metals and pollutants.

If the soil contains heavy metals, then the likelihood of that plant containing high levels of lead or mercury increases. There have been instances of children almost dying because of small traces of lead found in hemp extracts.

3) Bio-availability and degradation

There have been cases of CBD products not containing any CBD when tested in labs. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even fined companies that did not include any amount of CBD in their products. Then there is the dispute about how much of the cannabis actually enters the body’s central nervous system because CBD in food products is known to decrease in terms of their ‘bio-availability’ overtime.

Little research work has been done to solve this problem and companies are still struggling to maximize bio-availability. How CBD is delivered to the body also plays an important role, the most effective delivery methods are sublingual (under the tongue) and rectal delivery – both of these produce high bio-availability.

So before you buy a CBD product, make sure to carry out the necessary research work before committing to a CBD regime. You want to use the BEST CBD you can afford! High quality CBD is not cheap.

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