Buying CBD Oil Online in the USA

Are you confused about buying cbd oil and other cbd products, online in the USA? It can be very overwhelming trying to figure out which is the best product, best price, most highly rated etc…  This is why we created Compare CBD.  We could see our family and friends becoming so frustrated and spending endless hours researching… so we decided to create the World’s Largest CBD Brand Comparison website.

In the USA there are so many CBD manufacturers / retailers now. There are many amazing, high quality CBD products and there are many not so amazing CBD products! You want to be very careful about which CBD products you buy online.

Important things to consider before you buy cbd oil online in the USA:

  1. Does the CBD manufacturer put their analysis online for you to see?
    • They better! First it increases your trust that you are receiving a quality product and you can make sure there is not too much or too little THC, depending on what you are ordering.
  2. How many ingredients are in the product? You want a product with as few ingredients as possible so that you are buying pure CBD. You also want to know what the carrier oil is, another big factor in the event you could be allergic or if they use a bunch of carrier oils it just “waters down” the purity.
  3. What is the strength of the CBD? We show you the TOTAL MG’s in the package and in most cases the size of the package. Another consideration! If it’s high MG’s and a 1 oz bottle, you are most likely getting a very strong, pure CBD… but if it’s high MG’s and a huge package… well, it’s just “watered down”.
  4. Pricing… if the company is an MLM, you “may” be paying a higher price than is necessary so that they can cover all the extra costs of paying their field of sales reps.  So be sure to compare them carefully.  There are some good MLM’s that offer amazing products at a reasonable price.  Just be weary of the ones that say they have the “BEST CBD in the WORLD“.  That’s  a big statement.

When you buy CBD oil online in the USA, you want to make sure that the website offers secure credit card processing. You should see the URL change to https:// when you go to check out.

Please come back and review your CBD oil purchase. We love to hear it all… good and bad. It makes this website that much better when people can read real CBD reviews.

CBD Oil Research in the USA

CBD research, news, testimonials and articles are pouring out as more research is conducted in this fascinating field. Be sure to check back here as we post new articles and news weekly. You can find our CBD research library here.

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