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Before You Buy CBD – Buyer Beware!

Buyer Beware, CBD Buying Tips

CBD Buying Tips

Buyer Beware! You need to be cautious when purchasing CBD products since many of the products are usually mislabeled or there are other discrepancies. Let us look at the issues first and then we will explore aspects that you need to check while shopping for CBD products.

Issues with CBD Products Available in the Market

Issue #1: Mislabeled Products

According to a study published in JAMA (or Journal of American Medical Association), many of the CBD products are generally mislabeled. For instance, in a study it was found that nearly sixty-nine percent of 85 products that were surveyed had mentioned incorrect percentage of CBD on their product label! That’s a huge error!

Issue #2: False Claims

Studies also reveal false claims by many of the CBD brands. These claims are about presence of full spectrum CBD in products they offer. On the contrary to these spurious claims, lab tests reveal that many of these products only contain one cannabinoid.  This is indicative of the fact that such products contain only the CBD isolate instead of the more effective whole plant extract.

Issue #3: Presence of Toxic Residues

There are overly processed products available in the market that contain solvent residues (toxic), artificial colors and flavors, corn syrup, and similar other contaminants. Hemp not grown organically can have many pesticides including arsenic!

Buyer Beware While Shopping for CBD Products

Let us now look at some important aspects that you need to check to find good quality CBD products.

  • Stricter Standards: You should search for manufacturers in states which have already legalized cannabis for medicinal use. The reason is that these states usually maintain stricter standards for manufacture of CBD products.
  • Full Spectrum Products: Your aim should be to purchase product that have full spectrum extracts rather than distillate or isolated products. You should also avoid products which are mentioned as having no THC or pure CBD.

When you are buying a full spectrum product, it contains several cannabis compounds as well  as a small percentage (less than 0.3%) of THC to adhere to legal requirements. In case THC is            not legal in your state, then what you will have to do is look for broad spectrum products that  do not contain THC but have other valuable components like terpenes.

  • CBD Per Serving: At the time of purchasing a product, closely check the product label. You buy a product that mentions total quantity of CBD that is available per serving. Avoid products that only mention overall cannabinoid content of the bottle.
  • Explicit Claims: If a company is making explicit claims about health benefits of its product then do not purchase from such company since FDA does not allow companies to make such health claims.
  • Harmful Ingredients: Do not purchase vape cartridges that contain ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, or other thinning agents since these are very toxic. You should also avoid products with unnatural flavor additives as well as other types of harmful ingredients.
  • Artificial Colors: Stay away from buying CBD gummies which are manufactured using artificial colors and corn syrup.
  • Stalk and Seed Extracts: Be careful about products that claim that CBD has been extracted from stalk and seed of hemp plant. ( not necessarily bad – read the lab reports )The reason is that there is no CBD in hemp seed and in addition, there is hardly any percentage of CBD in hemp plant’s stalk.


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