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Can CBD American Shaman Hemp Products Help You Lose Weight?

With obesity continuing to rise, overweight people are always looking for ways to get the help they badly need. Now, CBD has joined the cause to fight against obesity, and the results look favorable.


CBD oil may help you to lose unwanted fats. A study conducted in 2017 found that people suffering from seizures and treated with CBD experienced weight loss as a side effect and reduced appetite. 

Unlike most weight loss supplements available on the market, CBD is safe and has little to no side effects, and none of the side effects are detrimental. Although CBD is a cannabis derivative, it lacks the psychoactive effects as the THC.Recent studies found that CBD offers quite a several benefits, better snooze helps treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and stable blood sugar, to name a few.


Fats are classified into white fat (bad fat) and brown fat (good fat). These fats sit beneath our skin and around our organs. Extra white adipose tissue will lead to health risks such as stroke, heart disease, and insulin resistance. Brown fat, on the other hand, prompts up our metabolism. It also helps to keep us warm. CBD also helps to turn white fat into brown fat.

It also enhances the number of mitochondria that lead to improved energy burn, and it encourages our genes to pump up our metabolisms. Mitochondria, by the way, are our cells’ powerhouses.In 2016, researchers found that CBD plays a role in how it interacts with fat. CBD also stimulates the body to efficiently break down fats. The researchers said that CBD might be a promising remedy in preventing obesity, but more studies in humans should be conducted to make a more conclusive claim.

A Quick Look to CBD American Shaman Products

There are a lot of CBD oils in the market, but not all CBD oils are identical. We highly recommend CBD American Shaman Hemp to help you in your weight loss journey.

CBD American Shaman only uses non-GMO organic hemp, CO2 extraction advanced nanotechnology and offers a wide variety of CBD products.

The company’s product line consists of water-soluble tinctures, edibles, CBD pet treats, CBD sparkling water, bath bombs, etc. American Shaman’s products are mostly made of THC-free version and full-spectrum version, tailored for an individual’s needs.

CBD American Shaman chemists work efficiently to ensure their consumers only get the best oil. They are taking their analysis much further, and they produced a water-soluble CBD oil that boosts the CBD ten times more than the CBD oils. Pointless to say, it’s commendable that the company offers a wide array of options so you can select what’s best for your specific needs.

American Shaman wanted only the best for their consumers; they source its hemp from Colorado and Kentucky as they produce non-GMO, organic crops. 

CBD American Shaman for Weight Loss

In today’s competitive CBD market, it’s hard to find 100% Certified Organic oil produced in the U.S. American Shaman is more bioavailable than any CBD products on the market, giving their products absorbed by the body.

American Shaman uses modern nanotechnology; hence, their products are 9x better than other CBD products. The company tries all the products and posts the results online. Among the many American Shaman products are its supplements, especially its Hemp and Edibles, that promote weight loss. American Shaman’s Hemp is available in four flavors: Blueberry Moon, Cinnamon, Grape, and Natural. 

American Shaman’s hemp can be taken in any way as a capsule, concentrate, or edible. Many consumers prefer to use CBD capsules for weight loss as they’re easier to intake and administer. American Shaman’s edibles, such as CBD Gummies, are also quite effective in suppressing one’s appetite.

Scientists claimed that more studies are needed to be conducted to identify the effect of CBD American Shaman on hormones and weight loss, but for now, very little side effects have been found. American Shaman’s products may help people trying to burn calories, trim down, or suppress appetite. These CBD American Shaman’s products will work best with a healthy diet and exercise. 

And if you want to give CBD a try, start incorporating American Shaman products into your daily routine

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