Cannabinol (CBN)

Cannabinol aka CBN versus Diazepam?

Cannabinol aka CBN versus Diazepam

Cannabinol aka CBN versus Diazepam?

Cannabinol aka CBN, is another of the minor Cannabinoids that are found in  Marajuana and Hemp plants.

What we know so far about CBN is limited, but we know:

CBN:  Relieves pain,  insomnia,  promotes bone growth, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,  and anti-convulsive.

I am sure this is only scratching the surface.  The true benefits of  Cannabinoids in general, once the research has been concluded, will blow our minds.  This is sure to make the medical and pharmaceutical industries take note.

What are the characteristics of CBN

CBN’s most pronounced characteristic is its sedative effect.  It is mildly psychoactive, and research has shown that 5mg of CBN, is as effective as 10mg of Diazepam.  A mild pharmaceutical sedative.

CBN  is only mildly psychoactive.  It can cause drowsiness, but does not give the recipient the ‘high’ that is associated with THC. The flowers only contain trace amounts of CBN, (less than 1%), and THC levels can reach  30% of the dried flower.

THC becomes CBN

THC oxidises, (due to Oxygen exposure), and begins to degrade.  It is at this point that it converts to CBN.  That is why older, poorly stored Cannabis, is likely to have higher levels of CBN, than the fresh flower.

Scientists are already working on CBN rich strains of both Cannabis and Marajuana. They are making headway, but these things take time.  Oils, tinctures, edibles, and capsules with high CBN profiles, are rare, but will continue to grow, as the attitude towards Cannabis changes.

Is it legal?

Although CBN has many similarities with THC, chemically, it is more closely related to CBD.

Due to its links with THC,  the Jury is out on its legality in many countries.  Due in main, to its mildly psychoactive properties.

In Canada it is a Schedule 11 Controlled Substance. In the U.K. it is a Class B Drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act.  In the United States, CBN is still illegal in many states,  mainly where THC is also illegal.

What does CBN do?

Cannabinol aka CBN seems like a miss match between CBD and THC. It acts as a weak agonist for both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, but like CBD, has a greater afinity for CB2.  It often works as an Immunosuppressant, and is a great supplement for people with an over functioning Immune System.  Such as sufferers with Crohn’s disease and Arthritis.

Potent against MRSA!

One of the most important characteristics, is its antibacterial properties. In 2008 a study revealed that Cannabinol aka CBN showed potent activity against many MRSA strains.  This is an immense discovery, as MRSA, which is resistant to nearly all Antibiotics, is responsible for hundreds of deaths each year.

The Research will not be concluded  for a while.   When all the results are published, many new health benefits are going to be revealed.  So watch this space!