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How Much CBD Oil Should You Take?

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Best CBD Dose

Even though many states are legalizing medical marijuana, several physicians still shudder at the thought of getting dealt with a lawsuit and are therefore reluctant to prescribe CBD products. In their defense, most medical schools fail to cover the issue of medical marijuana in the overall curriculum. After all, scientists are only now beginning to find breakthroughs in the therapeutic properties of marijuana and its extracts, particularly CBD. What is the recommended CBD dose for your condition?

Different manufacturers have their own methods of creating CBD products; some of these contain different concentrations of CBD, and at times, it possesses high traces of THC. There are several ways of using CBD products, which include liquid form, capsules, tincture drops, sprays, paste for topical use, edibles, and vaping. *Capsules make CBD Serving sizes easy to calculate!

Different Brands Have Different Servings

There are many brands to choose from, and each brand says their product is the one stop shop solution to all your health problems. While this creates healthy competition in the market, it certainly serves to confuse consumers because there is a lack of standard in the industry; every manufacturer follows their own law. ( another reason we created this Compare CBD website )

Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t defined a recommended daily intake (RDI) for a daily CBD serving. As such, we can’t provide precise daily values of CBD on any of our products either, but we do have what is known as the ‘suggested serving size’. This should be used as a rough guide for the amount of CBD serving size to help you achieve your CBD goals.

Go Slow

Whenever you’re starting out on a new routine, it is suggested to start low and use a low frequency. This is a trial and error method that will help you determine the CBD dose your body is comfortable with and is likely to achieve each day. Your doctor or consultant might prescribe a suggested CBD serving size. Start slightly below that number and gradually increase your intake as time progresses.

Once you have achieved your daily predetermined CBD serving, you can decide if you’d like to increase the serving size or keep the current CBD dose.

The full effects of CBD can take from as little as a few minutes to as high as a few weeks to fully appear. This depends on several factors such as serving size and application.

That said, common suggested serving sizes for CBD oil are given below:

Treating Chronic Pain: Take between 2.5 to 20 mg of CBD by mouth for a total of 25 days.

Sleep Disorders: 40-160 mg CBD orally.

Treating Vision Issues: Take a single dose of CBD between 20 to 40 mg under the tongue. Patients risk increasing the eye pressure by exceeding the suggested dosage.

CBD for Anxiety: Start with 5mg at time of anxiety. Using daily can help to prevent the occurrence of anxiety. Slowly work up until you get the desired effect.

In most cases, people will start with 5 drops 2 X a day if using a CBD tincture.  Gradually increase over a couple of weeks until the manufacturers suggested serving size is reached and re-evaluate from there. It’s different for everyone!