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CBD Oil and Its Influence on Fertility

What Do We Know?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a hot new product presumed to help treat an overabundance of medical problems. Its advocates say CBD can improve pain from anxiety, inflammation, epileptic seizures, weight gain, sleep problems, and even infertility.

CBD oil has been acclaimed for its many possible health benefits and its use in managing several acute and chronic conditions. Yet, despite CBD oil’s increasing popularity, several unanswered questions like, does CBD oil support fertility?

Presently, there’s a lack of evidence to ultimately state whether CBD oil has a good or bad effect on human fertility. While products coming from cannabis are now legal in most countries, there are moral consequences of conducting tests on individuals who are thriving to become pregnant. Because of this, we may not have a definite answer as to whether CBD oil affects fertility for years to come.

While using CBD oil may incidentally help with conception-related concerns that aren’t physical (e.g., sleep and mood), some studies have revealed CBD oil consumption could harmfully affect fertility. In short, the jury’s still out on whether using CBD oil could have a good or bad effect on one’s ability to get pregnant, which is why it’s significant to do as much research as imaginable on CBD oil and fertility before making a concluding decision. 

Below, we’ll go over what we presently know about CBD oil’s possible benefits and risks as they apply to human fertility. With this data, you can choose the best path for you and your partner.

1CBD Oil and Fertility in People without a Medical Explanation

For several people, conceiving is challenging for causes that aren’t purely medical. At times there are lifestyle aspects or mental obstructions that get in the way of sufficient conception; in these mentioned cases, 1CBD oil may answer and help.

But CBD? Angela Gilliam, a Community Manager at Verified CBD, said, “CBD oil has revealed some positive effects in terms of fertility in both genders.” CBD stimulates your body’s endocannabinoid system; a biological system contains endocannabinoids and neurotransmitters connected to cannabinoid receptors. The system controls body processes like fertility and pregnancy, together with post- and prenatal development. A 2012 study also relates the endocannabinoid system with improved female sexual arousal.

Two primary and controllable contributors to infertility are smoking and obesity. Fortunately, 1CBD oil can help decrease and eventually put an end to both of these conditions. 1CBD oil has been recognized to lessen addictive behaviors and help people abandon nicotine. 1CBD oil can also improve sleep and alleviate the pain related to working out—all risk aspects. This unique CBD product comes in different sizes and hemp percentages: 10% Bronze, 20% Silver, 40% Gold, 5% Lite Edition Pure Hemp CBD Oil, and Full Range Testers (10% 20%, 40% CBD) 1mL.

CBD Oil and Fertility: The Risks

However, when we talk about fertility, CBD oil is not without its downside.

Several studies performed on animal test subjects have created results that suggest CBD oil may indeed inhibit fertility. A study on male mice found a 30% decrease in fertility rate in the group given with cannabidiol (CBD oil). In contrast, additional CBD trials on sea urchins found that “cannabinoids directly influence the process of fertilization in sea urchins by decreasing the fertilizing capability of sperm.”

While there isn’t a conclusive connection between these studies and the result of CBD oil on humans’ fertility, it’s worth taking into account when you’re choosing your options.

What If You Want to Try It?

While 1CBD Oil’s ability to improve fertility remains a mystery, researchers say that there is an indication behind the benefits of healthy stress-reduction activities like a consistent workout, meditation, and yoga that can smooth other hindrances to pregnancy.

As the signs continue to grow, 1CBD oil’s incredibly therapeutic and medical potential is slowly being shown. By working straight with the body, 1CBD oil can help bring the body back to homeostasis. It efficiently allows 1CBD oil to work to rebuild the body from the inside out.

If you want to try CBD products, studies show that CBD oil’s topical application is less likely to cause side effects than ingesting CBD gummies or other CBD-infused edibles. As the leading CBD oil in the market, you can purchase 1CBD oil and other 1CBD products online and choose which CBD product is best suited to you. If you are taking ANY prescriptions, please consult with your physician first before trying CBD.

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