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Five Things You Should Know About Terpenes

Asides the scent-heaviness of a cannabis extraction that we know Terpenes for—CBD enthusiasts tend to forget; that terpenes are just as important as CBD itself. Terpenes are aromatic molecules secreted in the tiny resin glands of cannabis flowers. They’re oil-based, But the terpenes in cannabis possess some anti-inflammatory and immune-balancing properties.

CBD in isolation can be beneficial, but with the admixture of other full-spectrum cannabis components, the benefits are taken to another “high.” In a nutshell, the feeling you get is more intense, and it is called the “entourage effect.” With this in mind, you can see that having them good all terpenes as part of your CBD treat is nothing short of a must-have.

In this post, we reel out five interesting facts that you’re better off knowing about Terpenes’ full spectrum:

Terpenes are therapeutic.

Terpenes are also able to bind to receptors in the brain, just like cannabinoids, to cause positive changes in the user’s overall mood. However, this is only achievable when the full spectrum is taken and not the CBD isolate.

They have some beneficial properties, including anti-inflammatory properties, immune-balancing properties. From this, we can deduce that they work their magic in the body. They also complement the impact of CBD on the human body.

Terpenes are no stranger to the human body.

Terpenes play some crucial roles in plants. For example, helping plants attract pollinators. They also militate against predators like insects. Terpenes protect plants while allowing them to heal from any damage that they may have suffered. They also serve as a sizable chunk of the plant’s immunity from antibodies and germs.

Cannabinoids terpenes are common to human diets. They have been declared “safe” and fit for consumption by regulatory agencies. The existence of Terpenes dates back to a very long period in humankind. When applied to the body, they pose no threat. That said, some minor irritation could arise if the product is old. When this happens, the possibility of a negative impact on the skin is not a concern.

You can overdose on terpenes.

People use the overdose word like they’re on heroin, keeling out, and dying. But really, what the term means is, you have a dosage that something operates that and works comfortably at. However, once you go over that, you are overdosing, and you start usually experiencing effects that are not beneficial.

While the head changes you get from having too many terpenes is what you might want to call getting “terped out,” one of the first things that you’ll experience in overdosing with terpenes is; inhaling them. And you’re going to get a sore throat. You may start to feel a little bit off, and that’s when you know you’ve used a little much.

Terpenes serve to protect cannabis plants.

The aroma of terpene isolate or strains is preserved through proper storage. In the terpenes you buy, there are always instructions on storing them, so you should always use that as a guide if you still want the flavor profile of your terpenes to be adequately maintained.

Ever thought of why aromatherapists recommend Lavender as a potent therapeutic solution that soothes the body and mind? While Lavender may have touted as the quite robust solution, Terpenes have been the actual hero—without a cape, however.

Terpene helps with seizures (linalool).

The linalool variation of Terpenes can be easily seen in Lavender. Although it’s not so heavy and highly floral, the linalool is famous for its stress-reductive properties. It is also known for being on analgesic, antidepressant, sedative, and anti-anxiety medication.

You may not know that linalool can relieve symptoms of seizures and offer relaxation to patients who have psychosis. It is a potent remedy against seizure disorders, such as Dravet syndrome and epilepsy.

The power of this strain of Terpene is so potent that the mere inhalation of it sends a calming sensation to the body and the mind. However, other modes of consumption, like vaping or smoking, often provide a faster and more potent route to body relaxation.