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Why Use PETLY CBD Oil to Your Dogs?

Hemp oil promotes digestive health and cognitive function to humans and pets alike. Hemp oil is a cannabis-derivative and a natural supplement that benefits humans and their pets.

Dog owners are always on the lookout for new products that they could give their furry friends. Among the options available on the market is CBD, which could be in tincture, soft chews, hemp oil, and hemp dog treats that are tasty and delicious.

The benefits of taking CBD Oil is pretty much the same for our beloved dogs. CBD oil promises to treat several diseases, from seizures to pain to digestive issues and other illnesses that our four-legged companions may suffer from.

What is PETLY CBD Hemp Oil?

PETLY CBD Hemp Oil is a natural dietary supplement that caters to both humans and dogs. PETLY CBD Hemp Oil is a perfect source for antioxidants. PETLY CBD Hemp Oil is known to soothe joint pain brought by inflammation, counter anxiety, and even prevent cancer. PETLY CBD Hemp Oil has gained popularity for treating dog anxiety and other canine phobias.

The Effects of PETLY CBD Hemp Oil on Dogs

If you are still in doubt whether to use PETLY CBD Hemp Oil on your trusted buddy or not, we’ll recommend that you read on…

First, PETLY CBD Hemp Oil does not and can’t make your dog high. The THC present on a PETLY CBD Hemp Oil bottle is so little that it is not worth mentioning.

Second, PETLY CBD Hemp Oil lessens inflammation. Dogs that suffer from inflammatory diseases can find comfort and relief by taking in PETLY CBD Hemp Oil.

Lastly, PETLY CBD Hemp Oil helps dogs with seizures and anxiety significantly. It provides ease and makes them live their lives less problematic.

Does PETLY CBD Hemp Oil can make dogs high?

As mentioned above, PETLY CBD Hemp Oil contains a low amount of THC; thus, it can’t make your pet high. THC is also lethal for dogs, so giving your dog the PETLY CBD Hemp Oil is safe and secure. Just take note that you get your hemp oil from a trusted seller so ensure that your pet is getting a pure and quality CBD.

How Much Should I give my dog?

When you introduce PETLY CBD Hemp Oil to your dog, it’s essential to follow the instructions in administering PETLY CBD Hemp Oil to your dog. Do not give your dog hemp oil that does not come with instructions.

In giving our dogs with PETLY CBD Hemp Oil, we also have to consider the breed we have. The dosage of PETLY CBD Hemp Oil is dependent on the breed. Chihuahuas and Collies are anxiety-prone breeds; thus, they need a higher dosage than a golden retriever.

As you introduce PETLY CBD Hemp Oil to your dog, allow an adjustment period. Start with the lower dose and observe if there are any adversative reactions. If you see any behaviour changes, stop giving the oil instantly and see your vet asap.