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How it All Started

Our story begins one fateful night…

What was the inspiration behind CompareCBD.com?

There is usually a trigger that causes something to be done and it was no different with our website. This is Our Story

Just picture two middle aged woman, Bernadette & her friend, who have all the stresses and aches and pains associated with getting older, trying to find out about CBD oil.

We were both new recruits in the CBD market and decided we would do some research into what products and companies were out there. It was like the blind leading the blind! We found a few sites and started trying to navigate around some of the worst websites we had ever looked at. The links didn’t take us to the correct pages, they would mention things like ‘Isolate’ but not tell you what it meant, and the saga continued.

The Frustration

After an hour of basically finding nothing, we were ready to throw the laptop across the room because we were so frustrated, when James, Bernie’s son walked in and asked us what we were doing. I told him about the research we were trying to do and said, ” It would be so much easier if we had a Go Compare for CBD oil”.

Two days later I was chatting with James when he said he was going to develop a comparison website for CBD products as a gift for his mum and I. He had a few people who were interested in doing this with him and Bernie and I joined the team.

The Dream

The amount of work that goes into this is mind blowing! The team have been working tirelessly to get this CBD project ready to launch and now the dream is a reality. Have a look for yourself, it is easy to navigate and it has a product for everyone!

That’s our story! Pretty cool isn’t it? Happy comparing!