CBD Charity Plans

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Compare CBD is setting up a CBD Charity, to provide CBD for people without the means to buy it.

We believe that everyone should have some form of CBD  in their diet, not just the wealthy, and our site has something for everyone.

The CBD industry has given a lot of people so much from health benefits, to financial opportunities to turning dreams into reality. That is why  Compare CBD, is creating a Worldwide CBD Charity and donation campaign.

We are passionate about  educating the public about CBD and over the next few months we are going to create a library of articles and scientific studies on the benefits of CBD, which will all be on our website.  We are going to build a community of like minded people who can post their experiences of using CBD and how it has helped in their everyday lives.

Our main goal with our CBD Charity is to provide financial support to families  who need CBD and can’t afford to purchase it. Everybody should be able to experience the health benefits of CBD.

The launch date for our charity will be announced soon!

For now, you can increase your CBD Knowledge. You can also visit a great site called Project CBD with loads of information. Project CBD is a non profit site that is just about educating the public. They do not sell or endorse any products but provide amazing information on a huge range of topics and conditions.

You can compare CBD products on our website as well as read reviews and shop online. We have tried to make this the most convenient place in the world to purchase and learn about CBD.

We hope you enjoy your visit at Compare CBD today!