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CBD Gummie’s 8ct Pouch – 40mg – CBD FX

You can also rest assured that they are getting 5mg of CBD in each one, as well as lots of

CBD Gummy Bear’s – 300mg – CBD FX

Our Gummy Bears come in a 300mg pack and are the ideal choice for anyone wanting to try CBD.  They

CBD Trail Pack – Ojai Energetic’s

Try our CBD Tincture, and our CBD infused organic Coconut oil,  Topical Healing Balm/Nutritional Supplement  in our duo pack. Our

CBD Value Pack #1 | 1900mg Total CBD – Every Day Optimal CBD

$250.99 $189.99
Value Pack 1 Value Pack 1 is a hard hitting bundle that saves you tons of money and lots of

CBD Value Pack #3 | 680mg Total CBD – Every Day Optimal CBD

$129.99 $97.00
CBD Value Pack CBD Value Pack is the ideal way to get a selection of CBD products, at a reduced

Coconut CBD Oil – Ojai Energetic’s

 Experience the amazing health benefits that result from certified CBD rich coconut oil. Ojai Energetics CBD Rich Hemp Oil delivers high concentrations