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CBD topicals are perhaps the most quintessential of all CBD products. They serve various purposes and come in different forms like lotions, creams, salves, and soaps. Most of the products fall under the category of cosmetics and their application may reduce inflammation and pain.

At Compare CBD, all our products are backed with clinical data and relevant information that has been medically reviewed and independently tested. Through third-party testing, we are able to be at par with product development and still keep up with current information available on other media websites. We not only sell our products, but we also provide health information on our platform.

Many of our visitors account for an amazing site experience and purchase our hemp products continually. To fully understand the impact that CBD topicals have on your health and how you can get the product at a good price point, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about cannabidiol topicals and creams.

What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are CBD creams, lotions, and salves that fall under the category of derived CBD products that can be applied topically on the surface of the skin or body and also taken inside the mouth. The CBD product must contain full-spectrum CBD and contain less than 0 3 percent THC, which is within the legal limit.

CBD topicals are broadly categorized as:

  • Full-Spectrum: less than 0.3% THC
  • Broad-Spectrum: trace amounts of THC (0.1% or less).
  • CBD Isolate: Zero THC

A review of clinical data on the use of THC-free CBD topicals for the best management of inflammatory skin diseases and disorders is showing a potential for a variety of health conditions. The indication of the Certificate of Analysis (COA) on each product also guarantees lab-tested consumer goods.

CBD Quality Control and Third Party Lab Testing

At Compare CBD, quality control on all our topical brands is a key consideration. Our products are verified and tested by an accredited third-party lab. Those who use cannabidiol are able to get an unbiased report of CBD products and the components of hemp on a number of online sources.

This is crucial for those who use CBD when making a decision before purchasing any CBD product. Additionally, our offer includes providing health information about the potential benefits of our products. Lab reports can also be accessed via credible sources such as Joy Organics.  

The Formulation of CBD Topicals

A factor that guides the formulation of a topical for those who use CBD oil and salves is the ingredients that go into the development of a product. For some, the content that goes in must be THC-free and for others, the presence of additional pain-relieving ingredients is a plus.

All these factors are generally considered not considered complete when the amount of milligrams of CBD per formulation doesn’t meet the prescribed legal limit.

What Are CBD Topicals Good For?

CBD topicals could have numerous health benefits and are commonly used for pain management according to those who take it. A journal by the European Pain Federation in 2015 indicated that topical CBD application may have therapeutic benefits and might relieve arthritic pain and reduce inflammation without side-effects. 

The best application of a CBD application for pain relief has also been widely documented in media websites and other scientific publications which are medically reviewed from time to time. Another study done by D.C. Hammel et al demonstrated that transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and pain. Another trusted voice is Janelle Lassalle, who is a specialist on the subject. 

Real users report, a CBD cream or any topical CBD may provide the following health benefits:

Pain Relief in Joints and Muscles

Full-spectrum CBD oil when applied directly on areas with pain may alleviate aches and pains and reduce muscle spasms. Compare CBD has a variety of the best full spectrum CBD lotions that may respond to muscle soreness. You can find a complete list of CBD topicals by clicking here. 

Reduction in Eczema and Psoriasis

Skin conditions like eczema could be treated by the use of a CBD lotion. People who have used CBD lotion to treat psoriasis and dermatitis have found relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Clinical research gives credence to the use of a CBD with the proper ingredients to relieve skin conditions; furthermore, research still needs FDA support.

Relief of Arthritic Pain

According to a report which was medically reviewed by Eloise Theisen in 2020, the use of CBD oil and creams was found that it may be usefult for the treatment of osteoarthritic pain. The report further elucidated the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD cream when applied regularly.

According to another scholarly article published in 2016, transdermal cannabidiol could reduce arthritic pain in animals and human beings.

Management of Headaches and Migraines

To achieve the best CBD results in the management of headaches and migraines, CBD could be applied regularly. A CBD topical may act as a preventive means of avoiding migraines and at the same time ease pains associated with migraines, but without FDA approval, many have to self explore for themselves. 

Cooling Relaxing Effect

The application of a CBD may create a cooling sensation. The action of THC when applied topically has the potential to benefit the skin when it penetrates the sebaceous gland. This enjoyable, soothing sensation can last for a couple of hours. 

Keep in mind that to achieve the best results from a CBD salve or CBD creams in the alleviation of joint pain, it is important to consult your primary physician before you settle on a cooling cream. Compare CBD has labeled the mg of CBD in all of our CBD products whilst being FDA compliant.

CBD Topicals for Pain Management

The discovery and evolution of hemp-derived CBD products for pain management in the last 20 years is brief but jam-packed with a lot of scientific reports and anecdotal studies. It has quite a history, having traveled the long and winding road of rediscovery from its use in ancient cultures and so on.

Even though the Food and Drug Administration does not have a solid stance on the use of CBD products, it has prescribed the legal limit of THC, a component of the hemp plant at 0.3 percent. The interest in scientific circles is equally significant and made possible, providing authoritative experiences that can be empirically analysed.

How Do CBD Topicals Work?

A study by L.P. Zhang et al; [2016, transdermal cannabidiol] reduces and demonstrated that the topical application of cannabidiol may attenuate the effects of inflammation and pain in subjects with arthritis. CBD works by activating the endocannabinoid system in the body by binding muscle and cell receptors that deal with pain. 

Can CBD Be Absorbed Through the Skin?

A full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD topical works by penetrating the skin but cannot be absorbed in the bloodstream. CBD; however, is known to pass through the spores of the skin and work with cannabinoid receptors. CBD skin absorption is aided by sebaceous glands present on the skin.

There is no known danger of applying generous amounts of CBD oil, CBD salve, and creams. There are many products today that are THC-free for those with a genuine fear of getting high by using a CBD topical. 

12 FAQS About Compare CBD Topicals

Below are the top 12 questions that are commonly asked about CBD topicals by our customers. We continue to receive inquiries through our email address, and our expert team is available to handle all general and specific queries.

Here is a compilation of 12 questions that we have answered about CBD topicals and our responses to those inquiries:

1.What Does Your Privacy Policy at Compare CBD Cover?

Our privacy policy covers the collection and use of data, security and access, and the management of cookies among others. Users are required to accept our privacy terms when they visit our website. Please accept our privacy terms as we are required to ensure your privacy, safely process your personal data, and use tracking technologies to ensure lab-tested cannabidiol.

Additionally, users can adjust their privacy settings from time to time. We only process personal data with relation to cookies or unique IDs. It is not in our business interest to process your personal data for any other purpose, nor do we trade your personal data use with others.

Content measurement, audience insights, and navigation controls are in your browser and do not infringe on your privacy.

2.Is There Any Side Effects Associated With CBD?

There is no empirical evidence to suggest that the use of broad-spectrum and full-spectrum topicals c have any major side effects. However, some people may experience irritation based on some ingredients in essential oils when infused with CBD, but most people report they don’t have any adverse effects when using a CBD topical.

3.Is There a Difference Between CBD Topical vs CBD Cream? 

You may wonder whether there is a difference between the two. A CBD cream is a type of topical which is used to relieve pain. Moreover, a CBD topical is any cream or lotion that has been infused with CBD. The difference only lies in their use, but gels and oils could be used for therapeutic purposes.

The way a product is used defines it. It can be said that they are both one and the same thing; however, their different uses distinguish them apart.

4.Do CBD Topicals Make You High?

No. All our CBD products have the legal amount of THC recommended by the FDA. This includes our full-spectrum products. They are medically reviewed and backed with clinical data and relevant animal studies about the possible effects of the interaction of varying doses of CBD when used topically. All ingredients are measured, and there is no danger of getting high by using them.

Research is ongoing, and you may expect to get an update on the safety and side effects of CBD as used topically. Each product we sell has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that indicates the level of THC per mg of CBD. 

5.How Much of CBD Topicals Should I Apply?

Because most CBD products are not FDA approved, there is no general guide as to how much CBD topical should be applied. It is assumed though that to achieve the best results, it is necessary to apply generous amounts of CBD oil to achieve optimum results.

6.Will My Skin React To CBD Topicals?

Our products are made with a lot of consideration and care. Depending on your skin type, you might want to consider a consultation with your doctor before trying topical applications. Whilst some might experience mild irritation and could be due to the use of other ingredients together with CBD topicals.

If unsure, you can check the content of our product and consult your dermatologist if you have any skin conditions.

7.What Guarantee Do You Give On Your CBD Topicals?

Our company has dedicated itself to provide a comprehensive COA that enumerates each ingredient and amount of milligrams of CBD per product. This is not a fail-safe position that takes care of our business interests only. Any product our company stocks is backed by clinical data that is medically reviewed, by written articles and published journals.

8.Are CBD Topicals Addictive?

CBD is not addictive. Even when full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products are used, users may not expect to get a high associated with the psychoactive effects of the hemp plant.

The research is still in its formative stages, and there is a lot to be discovered about the reaction of CBD in the human body. WHO also reports, it does not have the potential for being abused or causes any adverse aches and pains.

9.What Are the Benefits From CBD Topicals?

A lot of clinical research done on the benefits of CBD indicates that the application of broad-spectrum CBD in a CBD topical that may provide the following range of effects:

  • It is an excellent antioxidant
  • An anti-inflammatory pain reliever
  • An antipsychotic agent
  • A solution for social anxiety

We source the best CBD products and ingredients that make up our brands. Our collection includes salves and lip balm that may soothe dry lips and extends beyond its palliative use.

10.Can CBD Topicals Be Used By Expectant Women?

Most expectant women can relate to pregnancy-related issues like nausea, anxiety, and moodiness. The best way to approach this is to consult with your doctor to assess the potential risks of use.

There are no conclusive studies to show whether the use of CBD carries any risks for pregnant and even lactating women. That includes studies medically reviewed by written scientific papers and ongoing research on Compare CBD where we do not make any medical claims about our consumer wares.

11.Does Compare CBD Support Supply Chains?

Yes, we do. We support supply chains and have numerous tailor-made solutions that can fit various business models. You can find out more about how to start a CBD business from seed to sales. You can get more information by clicking here. Our dedicated customer support will contact you and answer all your queries.  

12.Does Compare CBD Sell Brand Name CBD Products?

Yes, we do. Compare CBD sources to the best brands from credible suppliers. Our repertoire and product range of the best CBD topicals includes cooling creams and essential oils. Some of the brand names for our essential oils are CBDefine Skin Care Cream, Oregano essential oil, and many more. 

Whilst Compare CBD stocks a comparison platform full of the best and wholly brand name CBD products, here are 10 of our most popular:

  1. CBDistillery
  2. CaniBrands CBD Bundle
  3. CaniBrands Cani
  4. Access CBD 
  5. ESOHealth
  6. HumanoFlow
  7. MED PAC
  8. PRIME
  10. Alpinols

Our careful selection ensures that a product meets the highest of customer expectations; evenodd, technologies enable us to monitor any product and brand that ultimately ends up on our website. This includes ensures quality ingredients in each Compare CBD product.

Why Purchase Topicals at Compare CBD?

Compare CBD is a bespoke company that offers only the best topical CBD products, capsules, gels, edibles, and creams. Our success is pivoted by our timely response to consumer queries by our customer service team. Not to mention, our price point for each product is very competitive and robustly attractive for worldwide customers. 

Making a purchase has never been easier when you access our website. Our online store avails to you a large selection of CBD at very friendly prices. This, with our money-back guarantee, has attracted and continues to endear many of our customers to access our service.

By clicking here you will access a company platform that has information about our brands. For all your inquiries, fill our online contact form or call us today at UK Toll-Free: 0800 669 6420 / UK Office: 0330 1072 420.