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Beyond Botanical's | CBD Vape Ambrosia

CBD Vape Ambrosia 100mg – Beyond Botanical’s

  • GBP: £17.10
  • CAD: $29.26
Product contains 100mg of CBD Isolate. Ambrosia, which means “Food of The Gods”, is a light and fruity blend of

CBD Wax Crumble 850mg – 1g – 85% – GoGreen Hemp

$97.34 $51.99
  • GBP: £40.42
  • CAD: $69.18
Our Go Green CBD Wax Crumble contains 850mg of CBD Isolate, and is one of the most efficient and effective

Mini CBD Wax Pen – CBD FX

  • GBP: £42.75
  • CAD: $73.17
It may be small, but it’s more than capable of matching it’s full sized competitors. The Mini Wax Dab Pen