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Does CBD Increase Appetite?

As we all know, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis derivative element that possesses a myriad of benefits and also comes in different forms like lozenges, gummies, sprays, topical creams, and other forms.

Although this fantastic hemp can cure several illnesses, many people doubt if CBD comes with adverse effects. Among those many questions, does CBD oil make you hungry or stops you from being hungry?

CBD oil has other sound effects among the many CBD forms, from getting rid of acne to pain relief and even fighting cancer. What good is, CBD has been found to lessen the risks of weight-related illnesses, like obesity and diabetes. However, there is little research conducted on the effects of CBD on weight loss.

Can CBD promote weight loss?

Based on the research conducted, CBD has no direct effect on a person’s appetite. Still, CBD can affect the human body and the way its organ system functions. CBD is an excellent supplement if you are trying to lose stubborn weight. You can add CBD oil to your daily diet by munching on CBD gummies. CBD has been found to improve health, wellness, and weight loss.

CBD May Improve Metabolism and Lessen Food Intake

In recent years, CBD has been found to reduce food intake and boost metabolism, leading to weight loss. CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors that play essential roles in food intake and metabolism.

Could CBD promote weight gain?

As mentioned above, CBD can affect weight loss, but it can also cause weight gain. In one of the studies done, it was noted that CBD’s side effect is a change in appetite.

A study conducted on 117 parents with CBD treatment to manage epilepsy symptoms, and parents claimed a reduction in epilepsy symptoms. Still, about 30% of them showed an increase in children’s appetite.

Should you try CBD oil to lose weight?

CBD oil’s effectivity on weight loss is still a debatable topic. However, it has been shown to improve one’s health by improving metabolism. It is safe, readily available, and has few side effects.

The advancement in technology brings light to topics that have remained vague in years, but studies should still be conducted to conclude that cannabis product affects weight.

The bottom line

Previous studies have shown that CBD boosts nutrient absorption while reducing body fat and appetite, but other researches show an increase in appetite.

It is important to note that appetite influences the physical and mental status, and no mechanism can control how much we are to consume. On the other hand, experience says that CBD may indirectly influence our appetite. CBD doesn’t make people hungry or lose appetite. In-depth studies are conducted to know if there’s a connection between the food we eat and the CBD we consume. For now, let us depend on the other possible and trusted methods- lifestyle and exercise- to lose that annoying fat. And before munching on that CBD gummies or smearing your face with CBD product, or adding CBD oil into your diet, consult your physician first.