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CBD Oil Capsules (30-Pack / 450mg CBD each) – Tasty Hemp Oil

  • GBP: £45.86
  • CAD: $78.49
Description The CBD oil capsules are a cannabidiol product made in the form of soft gel capsule-like containing the hemp

CBD Salve for Muscles and Joints – 59ml (100mg CBD) – Made By Hemp

  • GBP: £36.53
  • CAD: $62.52
Description As the name implies, CBD slave for muscles and joints is a natural product produced explicitly for muscle and joint.

CBD Tincture | Tasty Hemp Oil Drops – 30ml (300mg CBD)

  • GBP: £38.86
  • CAD: $66.51
Description CBD oil tincture is one of the most popular ways to take CBD as it is fast-acting and easy-to-take.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for Cats – 30ml (200mg CBD) – Purfurred

  • GBP: £18.88
  • CAD: $32.32
Description The full spectrum CBD oil for cats is a CBD oil tincture formulated to help promote the overall wellness

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs – 30ml (200mg CBD) – Purfurred

  • GBP: £20.98
  • CAD: $35.91
Description Hemp oil for dogs is a full spectrum of CBD sourced from hemp plant which is beneficial to dogs.

Hemp Oil Concentrate | CBD Paste – 15% CBD (Multiple Strengths) – Blue Label Rated 5.00

  • GBP: £19.40
  • CAD: $33.20
Description Propriety CBD oil concentrates Blue Label is a CBD product formulated from CBD hemp oil through the CO2 superficial

Hemp Oil Concentrate | Raw CBD Oil – 15% CBD+CBDA (multiple strengths)

  • GBP: £24.87
  • CAD: $42.56
Description Raw CBD oil which is also known as Green Label is an extract of oil derived from the hemp

Proprietary CBD Oil Concentrate – 25% CBD (multiple straines) – Gold Label

  • GBP: £24.87
  • CAD: $42.56
Description If you are looking for the highest concentrate of CBD oil, the Proprietary CBD Oil Concentrate Gold Label is