THC – Good or Bad?

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THC – Good or Bad ?

Everyone has probably heard about ‘weed’ or ‘pot’ but not everyone will know about THC.  Tetrahydrocannabinol aka THC, is the psychoactive compound that causes the ‘high’ in marijuana.

To a lot of people, marijuana is no better than heroin.  They believe that smoking marijuana will lead to other drugs and eventually  injecting heroin.  Non of the research studies have suggested this. In fact, research has drawn a blank, as to whether it is addictive or not!

There are three types of marijuana plants.   Sativa, Indica and Hybrid.  The first two have been around for thousands of years, and the Hybrid is a new offering.

Sativa and Indica have distinct characteristics.


Sativa is a lighter green in colour and has narrower leaves. It works primarily on the mind; is uplifting and energizing and results in a feeling of euphoria.  It grows to about 20 feet tall,  is narrow with loose branches.

Due to its energizing effect, it is best for day time use.  Its Cannabinoid breakdown is very different from Indica.  Sativa strain’s have high levels of THC, accounting for the energizing and uplifting effects.  It has low levels of CBD and CBN.

Sour Diesel, Jack Herer and Lemon Haze are all types of Sativa Marijuana.


Indica is dark green in colour and has broader leaves. It works primarily on the body and has a calming, mellow effect. This is best suited for night use.  Indica has higher levels of CBD, CBN and 20% less THC; accounting for its relaxing and calming effect.

It originates from the Hindu ‘Kush’ region near Afghanistan, and  is very strong.  The strain developed a thick layer of resin on its leaves, to protect it from the low temperatures of the region.

Purple Haze, Grandaddy Purple and Northern Lights are all types of Indica Marijuana.


Hybrids are just as the name suggests. The seeds from different areas, and different plants are cross pollonated to make a plant with both characteristics.

The resulting strains can be very strong,  and you won’t know exactly what you are getting!

For decades, the medical, pharmaceutical companies and government bodies have told us how dangerous marijuana is.  Research has proven many of them wrong.

Ways Marijuana (THC) can heal:

In the 1970’s it was proven that THC decreases Inner eye pressure. It slows the progression of Glaucoma, and prevents blindness;  THC can reduce seizures by controlling excitability;  Decreases anxiety, depression, stress and Insomnia;  Slows progression of Alzheimer’s Disease by blocking the ‘Amyloid Plaques’ , and prevents brain cells from being destroyed.

The ‘Bad’ things about using Marijuana

If you are a Marijuana smoker, you are probably going to say that there are no bad things.  I want this article to give an unbiased view of what the researchers are saying. You can’t presume that because Marijuana is a natural product,  there are no negatives associated with it.

People who smoke it in a controlled manor, and don’t abuse it, should have no problems , if you have no underlying mental issues.  The problems occur when someone who already has a mental condition, smokes too much. If you are depressed or anxious, smoking THC is only going to make it worse, and may even cause psychosis.

For people with no mental conditions, who smoke a moderate amount, it will enhance your mood and make you feel great.

People are always trying to make new strains which are stronger.  The latest rage is THC-rich resins.

Hash Oil;  Soft Solid Wax;  Shatter – this looks like a chunk of glass and is very strong.

The products listed above have enough THC to put you in hospital!  It’s not just the amount of THC that causes the problem.   It’s the fact that lighter fluid is often used in the manufacturing process!

Physical Effects

This depends on the amount you are smoking, but it can cause a nasty cough, and breathing difficulties.

Smoking marijuana causes an increase in heart rate for up to 3 hours after. This can lead to a heart attack, palpitations and panic attacks.

Marijuana should never be used whilst you are pregnant;  This can affect the brain development of an unborn baby.

Mental Effects

Hallucinations and paranoia are common for people smoking marijuana.  If you already have mental problems.

If someone is suffering from Schizophrenia, the symptoms can be exacerbated. There is no evidence that THC causes Schizophrenia!

Some people say that depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts can be brought on by smoking marijuana. Some say it’s a cure!  Who knows?  The research is ongoing,  so I guess we’ll have to wait for the results to be published.

To conclude this article, I would say that there are  more good things than bad, when it comes to THC and Marijuana.  Research will eventually come up with all the answers.  Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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