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The Best CBD Deodorants in the Market

Sweat is natural, normal, and even healthy. After all, sweating is one of our body’s ways of getting rid of toxins from the body. Sweating is good, especially when you’re working out or hitting the gym, running, or enjoying a poolside sunbath. But there are instances when that same sweat is not pleasant. Particularly, when it’s pit sweat, that comes with a pretty rank aroma.

Doing the deodorant stuff – especially during summer – is something we include in our daily getting-ready routine. Whether we spray or swipe, securing our pits is a morning must-do. Most people use the market shelves-standard brands while others go for all-natural alternatives, but the goal is the same; to smell and feel fresh all day.

Nowadays, that CBD is being added into nearly everything, it’s no surprise that deodorants are seeing their day in the sunshine. While it may seem like an unusual pairing, the benefits are apparent. CBD has antibacterial characteristics while giving the endocannabinoid system a knock, so applying it to the underarms isn’t all that uncommon once you think about it.

If you are thinking of changing your current CBD deodorant, these five deodorant brands below are worth trying. You’re going to use deodorant anyway, so why not indulge your armpits in the process?

1. Lavender CBD Deodorant

You deserve only the best! The Lavender CBD Deodorant your armpits a clear finish and all-day fresh smell. Enjoy the benefits of full-spectrum CBD while smelling and feeling fresh throughout the day. This deodorant also consists of Zinc Oxide, so feel free to use it anytime and anywhere the sun touches your skin.

2. Mender Deodorant

For those who like organic and little to zero chemicals to stay dry and smell clean, Mender Deodorant is a safe and smart choice. Sure, the stick costs $16.00, but the benefits are worth the price. The deo stick is full of organic essential oils, shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot (for its antiperspirant qualities), and hemp-derived CBD; this deodorant is smooth to the touch and keeps you feeling fresh for hours. No synthetic ingredients ever go into Mender so that you can feel at ease with your choice.

3. Kopari CBD Extra Strength Deodorant

This extra-strength invisible, and effective formula bring CBD, coconut oil, and our plant-based active to bring long-lasting strength, fight the odor-causing bacteria, and keep you smelling fresh all day.

4. Kb Pure Essentials All Natural CBD Deodorants

Zero chemicals and get an all-natural underarm treatment with Kb Pure Essentials All Natural CBD Deodorants. The stick is a little pricey compared to your usual drug store finds, but these CBD-infused products are extraordinary. Opt from unscented, lemon verbena, lavender coconut, or cool melon, and give your pits the desire of organically-grown CBD and pure fragrance oils. You’ll get the benefits of CBD daily while keeping wetness and odor at bay all day.

With its exclusive blend of coconut oil, coconut water, and sage oil + CBD, this deo also calms and pampers even the most delicate underarms and protects pits from irritation shaving. It’s like what you’ve been waiting for kind of skincare for your pits.

5. Herbal Amy CBD Deodorant Stick

This one’s a bit less pricey than the others mentioned, but the 50-mg CBD per stick is anything but affordable. Herbal Amy takes pride in being safe for all skin types, and the aluminum-free formula is vital to those who are keeping their health a priority. The naturally-grown Oregon hemp effectively neutralizes odors along with other ingredients, including arrowroot powder, clay, beeswax, and cocoa butter. Essential oils make the deodorant feeling smooth and smelling great. 

Deodorant made from cannabis may seem like a strange idea at first glance, but hemp is an exceptionally versatile substance. The CBD oil inside turns as a natural antimicrobial so that you can get rid of body odor and reduced anxiety. You don’t have to worry about toxic aluminum permeating your body with all-natural ingredients and causing damage.

CBD is going to take over your bathroom vanity for some time. 

Give CBD deodorant a shot and see if you feel and smell better while enjoying the deodorant benefits you already do.

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