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How Cannabis and CBD Oil May Boost Your Eye Health

Over the years, hundreds of researches were launch about the benefits of cannabis. From ordinary headache down to cancer, cannabis earned a reputation that it could offer hope to those who badly need it. Scientific studies and articles were written proving that cannabis is recognized and widely accepted to cure many diseases, including glaucoma, which is a common eye problem.

Many of these prevalent illnesses prevent people from working 100% as their senses are affected and weaken, which is essential and needed to perform one’s job.

Like CBDology Oil, CBD Oil is a cannabis-derivative, which means it is a component of the cannabis plant. CBDology Oil has dozens of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Among the amazing benefits of CBDology Oils is the improvement of eyesight. This unbelievable benefit is just one of the many good things that this plant has to offer.

CBD users claimed that by regular consumption of CBD Oils, their night vision has dramatically improved. And even though few studies are conducted to verify this claim, hopes are still high that CBD Oil like CBDology Oils could be the answer to eyesight problems. CBD users who smoke cannabis lead to usual red eyes, but this is still a little indication that CBD smokers could have harmful effects on vision, mostly if consumed in small amounts.

Eye Diseases that Cannabis and CBD Oil May Help Treat

As mentioned above that cannabis, mainly CBD, treats countless illnesses, including diseases affecting eyesight. These common eye problems are glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Let’s now talk about how cannabis and CBD oil may help someone who suffers from annoying eye diseases.


Glaucoma affects the optic nerve and has been identified as one of the top eye diseases that affect millions of people worldwide.

In one of the studies conducted, a patient who suffered from glaucoma took eye drops as treatment. It was found out that cannabis products lessen intraocular pressure for about 3-4 hours, which stops glaucoma.

For just three days of using CBD, the patient attested that his eyesight has dramatically improved. Not only that, before consuming CBD, he could not open his eyes whenever he’s exposed to bright light, but after undergoing this medication, he was able to open his eyes regardless if he’s exposed to bright light or not.

Diabetic Retinopathy

This disease is the side effect of diabetes, and the affected side is usually the retina of the eyes. In 2006, studies conducted that CBD is an antioxidant and could lessen the retina’s toxicity, contributing to eye degeneration.

Cannabis Slows Down the Effects of Macular Degeneration

Macular deterioration affects almost 10 million people in the US. This disease affects the small central portion of the retina, and this macula is responsible for focus vision and helps humans face recognition and reading. And once it’s impaired, vision may become blurry and undergo degeneration.

In Summary

CBDology can be consumed in a lot of ways. CBDology products can be added to breakfast and in daily diet. Although there are hundreds of CBD products available in the market, CBDology products stand out and guarantee their products’ effectiveness and quality. And if you are thinking of trying CBDology products, it would be best to consult your healthcare provider first.