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Water Soluble CBD – Does it Improve Absorption?

Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD – the Latest Rage

There is a buzz going around at the moment about water soluble CBD Oil.  It works by increasing the level of CBD  absorption, so you don’t need to take as much, to get the same benefits.

Water soluble CBD has many benefits over traditional tinctures. When you take your CBD Oil it is always best to place it under your tongue (sublingual) and hold it there for two or three minutes. This allows the CBD and all its nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The advantage over swallowing or taking capsules is that it doesn’t have to pass through the stomach or the Intestines.

The problem arises when you take an oil and it enters the bloodstream. Oil and water do not mix, and blood is 80% water, so the CBD and nutrients never truly mix with the blood. Then it enters the cells, which are about 90% water!

Some of the CBD is delivered to the CB2 receptors, using blood as the primary carrier.  A lot of the CBD gets wasted, as it never really dissolves in your blood, or your cells.  Wasted CBD gets flushed out in your urine or feces before it has a chance to be absorbed.


is about how much of a nutrient that goes into your body, is actually absorbed, and used by the body. Experts estimate that around 10% of the available CBD taken, will reach the CB2 receptors.  When the CBD Oil is placed under the tongue, and even less when swallowed or taken as capsules.

To make a water soluble CBD Oil, it has to be re-engineered in the lab.

No one really knows how this is done, as the process is patented, but we know that they turn the CBD into microscopic small droplets. These have the ability to mix with blood. Even though it doesn’t dissolve, the effect is close enough to call it that.

We also know that they add curcumin to CBD molecules to make them more water soluble. Curcumin is a substance found in tumeric, that gives it a bright yellow colour. Curcumin has a lot of health benefits and has been well researched over the last few years.

At room temperature curcumin is only slightly water soluble .  When pH and temperature are adjusted, scientists are able to make it much more water soluble.

It’s very important that you are getting a full spectrum version of water soluble CBD.  Where the Cannabinoids, Terpenes and other Phytonutrients have not been removed in the process.

Water soluble CBD is available in both liquid and powder forms.

Written by Steph Dawson for www.comparecbd.com