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Is CBD Oil Legal in India?

CBD is a drug that originates from Indian hemp plants – cannabis Indica and cannabis Sativa. Unlike its sister’s THC, CBD doesn’t give a psychoactive side effect once consumed. Cannabis has been known as a sedative drug that slows down the central nervous system function, and since CBD derives from cannabis, it shares the same effect. Cannabis also goes with the name weed joint, pot, or herb, just to name a few.

If we look back at history, we’ll notice that consumption of cannabis dates back hundreds of years. It shows that cannabis is a thing in the past and not just something that teenagers are being introduced to.

Just like anything, studies were conducted on this amazing weed. One study titled: “Cannabis: the forgotten sacred plant of India” written by Sharda N Bapat, stated that in the 1930s, the British Government of India released an order forbidding Indian citizens to use cannabis. This order affected the cultivation and consumption of Cannabis Sativa in India. 

Meanwhile, the Atharvaveda- which is composed in Vedic Sanskrit- cited that cannabis is considered one of the five sacred plants. Ayurveda- a substitute medicine system with ancient roots in India’s subcontinent- has shown that cannabis has astounding medicinal value.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil has gained a reputation for having therapeutic attributes but lacks the narcotic element side. Over the years, a handful of studies are conducted to prove the benefits of CBD. It displays beneficial properties with no potential for substance addiction. 

CBD has been found to influence the central nervous system and be deemed to break the chemical found in the brain. Moreover, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system affecting the cannabinoid receptors. CBD stimulates and enhances the activity of the brain, which brings health benefits.

In several studies, CBD was used to treat anxiety and stress. It also helps people suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders. And CBD also offers to treat chronic pain. One study found that CBD once applied topically, reduces inflammation and pain brought about by arthritis. One study claimed that CBD oil could prevent the two most challenging chronic pain types- neuropathic pain and inflammation.

Legal cultivation of hemp in India

In 1985, the Indian government created a provision that allows its people to cultivate hemp, but it’s only in 2018 that the first license was granted. The founder-president of IIHA (Indian Industrial Hemp Association) was the first to receive the authorization to cultivate hemp. He mentioned that the cultivation of non-narcotic hemp would also open the creation of a seed bank. The said company will be utilizing the Pauri Garhwal region in cultivating the hemp plant.

Is CBD Oil legal in India?

CBD is classified into three types:

1.        Legal-  Low THC and is derived from hemp. It can be bought and legally consumed in India. 

2.        Legal_ Bhang- a cannabis-drink sold legally in India but has some regional limitations.

3.        Not Legal- Recreational cannabis- this is considered illegal or prohibited in India.

In July 2017, Maneka Gandhi proposed a review of the medical use of marijuana. And in the same month, the Union Government released the first-ever license to propagate and cultivate cannabis solely for research and study purposes.

Although a lot of countries are allowing the use of cannabis for medical reasons, recreational cannabis in the meantime is considered illegal. However, bhang is permitted, especially during Hindu religious practices. 

Before purchasing cannabis or CBD oil, whether you are in India or from any part of the world, it is best to conduct your research on the benefits and effects of CBD Oil. It is also best to speak with your trusted medical provider, particularly if you are taking regular medications.